Tony Mead’s Interview With Sandy Hook First Responder

FR: Hi there! I’m at work and my partner is one of the ems people who was on scene at the Fire House in Sandy Hook. I’m reading the “script” now & kinda laughing to myself. Anything I should be asking my partner? I don’t even know where to start.

TM: Did your partner ever get inside the school?

FR: Never left the fire house. Rumor has it only 1 medic did. Matt Cassavecchia from Danbury Hospital EMS.

TM: Amazing !!

FR: Yes its ridiculous. I have to say, I don’t even know anyone who knows any of these people. There are fire men who live in town & have kids that used to go to that school but that’s it. I’ve been in EMS for 16 years & that never happens.

TM: I would like to know if he can describe the scene at the Firehouse. Was there a mass evacuation ? Were there a ton of kids and parents ?

FR: He said That there were kids there & that the parents were being checked in & moved into groups of grades. The parents were then matched to the kids & let leave little by little until only the parents of the dead kids were there. Then they were told as a group. They pretty much figured it out by then though. No there couldn’t have been 600 kids. Maybe 200 max.
It was very organized. The kids were kept together with their teachers & as the parents showed up they were checked in & told to wait.

TM: Does he know anything about the girl who was supposedly carried out “Covered in blood” ?

FR: No. He was only at the fire house & told that they were there for the families if they needed help.

TM: I would assume that the kids would be traumatized beyond belief due to the sound of all that gunfire, screaming and blood everywhere- was there any indication of that ?

FR: Abnormally quiet. That’s how he describes them. Stuck close together. I have 2 young children. I can’t see them being quiet in that type of situation. I’d think crying…but I can’t be sure.
My kids needed counseling after my divorce. My daughter is terrified of wolves & has nightmares about them. Wouldn’t all these kids need some sort of counseling? Was it ever provided???

TM: Does anyone have any familiarity with the school and it’s students ? I think that we are assuming at this point that it was a Special Needs type of facility with much less than 200 even

FR: I can get that information from another person. One of the Fire dispatchers lives there & his kids went to that school about 4 or 5 years before the incident

TM: I was there 2 weeks ago and greeted by a very corrupt courtroom in Hartford
I’m thinking that Sandy Hook actually moved to Chalk Hill about 2010 and that the old Sandy Hook became a special needs school about that time
That would account for the verification that Sandy Hook was still functioning as a school,, but that the 1956 building (as referenced in school budgets) was something completely separate.

FR: Yep. Little state big horrible politics. All of us agree something is off…but for some reason nobody wants to talk about it. I’ve been a dispatcher for many years. What I read tonight in Wolfgang’s “script”…The KIDS could have done a better job !!
Plus if the building was so bad with asbestos etc…why were the kids in it?
Any police officer who waits outside a school while kids are being shot would have to be being physically restrained. These guys (and their egos) Live for this stuff. Newtown & Sandy Hook are affluent communities with not much “action” it doesn’t make sense.

TM: Are people afraid to talk about it ?

FR: Yes people will not talk. My partner tonight actually was pictured on a popular newsfeed for about a week after that day lol
From day one he said he wasn’t comfortable talking about it. But he has kids now & he approached me one day about how my kids school handled it.

TM: Are you familiar with Ablechild and there concerns as to how Legislation is being passed and Laws being changed as a result of Sandy Hook ?

FR: Yes I am. I’m also a mental health advocate & I cannot believe that my state is going to allow forced treatment of “mental health issues” that’s where our freedom is going to be taken away. Look at the definition of mental health issues. The government can get almost all of us on that one !
Let me also say that I worked the Cheshire home invasion. That is the only thing I can compare this to. That started out as 3 separate 911 calls. 1 for a person who fell out a window, another for a fire & a 3rd for a car accident. Within 10 minutes it was put together what was happening. By the time the Dr got to the hospital we had the story. Even though the bodies were burned in the house our medics stood by until the fire was out & went into the crime scene to presume the death. Nothing about Sandy Hook fits !!

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